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Environmental Permitting, Compliance and Regulation

  • Air Permit Applications – Prepare applications for air permits to construct or modify facilities pursuant to 45 CSR 13 for minor source facilities. Prepare applications for renewal and modification of Title V operating permits for major source facilities. Prepare permit determinations to demonstrate that air permits are not necessary.
  • NPDES Water Discharge Permit Applications – Prepare applications for new industrial permits, renewal of industrial permits, and modification of pretreatment permits.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Consult with industrial and commercial clients regarding compliance with environmental regulations and permit terms and conditions. Assist in preparing strategies for compliance with new regulatory programs and for resolution of areas of noncompliance.
  • Clients for environmental permitting and compliance include small and large industrial and mining facilities and utilities.

Facility Development

  • Purchases of Existing Facilities – Assist in regulatory compliance and permit review in asset purchases and stock purchases for numerous facilities, including landfills, coal mines, glass manufacturers, ferroalloy facilities, secondary aluminum facility, and others.
  • Facility Closure – Assist facilities in negotiating agreements with regulatory agencies for closure of manufacturing facilities with environmental issues.

Environmental Site Assessment

  • Site Assessment Review and Evaluation – Regularly review and interpret Phase I and II site assessment reports for banks and potential purchasers of commercial properties. Specializes in determining relative risk posed by property and assessing additional activities needed to quantify risk.


Data Analysis

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